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Project Description
Autoliv Bangalore is a Global Technical Service Centre which provides services for CAD, CAE etc. They have an Automation team that provides applications for CAD and CAE. The Autoliv Automation team wanted to create a quality CATIA application; which eliminates the lacuna in existing applications.

What we did

It was our responsibility to create CATIA Applications that helped the designers to reduce their lead time and improve their efficiency and at the same time improve the quality of their work.

The initial request we received was to create an application called the Revision Block update macro.
A task which when done manually would take roughly around 4 hours for a single Designer. This job was very tedious and prone to user errors. This involved a designer to Open a CAD drawing of an assembly and mention the changes performed to all the components it contained in a tabular format. For this the Designer had to open all the drawings of the components and list out the changes one by one. The assemblies were big with around 15-20 components in them and around 8-10 variants.

With the help of the macro we had developed, all the designer must do is to provide 2 Excel reports extracted from their PDM as inputs and Click a button. The time required for the whole operation now is around 3-4 minutes.

The second Application that we have developed is called the Exploded View Macro. This is a Tool that will help to create Presentations of CAD Models. The request involved in moving the components present in an Assembly along an axis and then providing the freedom to manipulate the position using a slider. The users also wanted to Group similar items together and renaming them. The presentation contained the image from CATIA and all the components were identified and labelled. The users had complete freedom to edit the texts present as they were added as text boxes rather than an image.

Customers i.e. the end users were delighted as they now had both Flexibility, Speed necessary for their efficient operations.


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