Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC)

Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC) is an innovative product for measuring Product Life Cycle cost by leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). PLC will give the nearest recent product life cycle costing details of previously implemented/manufactured products upon search.

Search results can be refined further followed by a process workflow in order to arrive at Product Life Cycle Costing for the new product. We believe that more accurate cost information leads to better business decisions. PLC helps the customers to make better decisions in areas such as product pricing at each stage of production, total product cost, product line changes (adding products or eliminating products), and product mix decisions (how much of each product to produce and sell).

Inventory Management 

HikeOn’s cloud/web-based ERP will accelerate most of the retail operations to attain stability, growth and profit. It has all the major modules and transactions which are integrated into a common platform using the world’s leading integration platform Mule ESP.

Our ERP is based on API-first approach (microservice based) which allows products to evolve into organic, self-organizing ecosystems that can grow to handle new and unforeseen demands.

Product Management:

Can manage complete product information, everything from the description and initial price, to opening stock.

Inventory management with tracking:

Enables retailers of all types and sizes to efficiently manage the inventory levels and tracking goods.

Demand and forecasting:

Tracking past trends and forecasting future demand is easier and higher on accuracy.

Future ready and adaptable:

Leverage intelligent ERP with built-in machine learning, predictive analytics and optimized processes.

Unlimited users:

Can create multiple users and give accesses in a controlled/secure way.

Sales report and analytics:

Real-time stock data and reports on your dashboard help you to make better, faster decisions and access info from virtually anywhere. It also supports Event oriented alerts and reporting mechanism.

Global compatibility:

Our apps smoothly integrates with QuickBooks, Amazon Vendor Central, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify etc.



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