Restaurant Supplies
Tags: B2B, Stencil theme, EDI, Amazon Vendor Central, Custom application, ERP Integration

Project Description

Restaurantware is leading manufacturers and distributors of eco-friendly, high-end disposable tableware. Being in the B2B space, they had complex backend systems which they had developed in-house to help them scale quickly and to deliver great customer experience in terms of fulfillment. They realized that their website was waiting for an upgrade as well and had no second thoughts to keep pushing them forward and ahead.

When BigCommerce came up with the new customizable theme framework called Stencil, Restaurantware took the opportunity to revamp their website and move to a modern, mobile friendly, highly customizable website.  As part of this project, Restaurantware wanted to reorganize their products, make the website more SEO friendly with category-specific landing pages, utilize the Facets/filters to deliver smooth product discovery experience, and be more mobile friendly.

What We Did

HikeOn takes care of the entire technology needs of Restaurantware, right from managing their eCommerce store to developing and maintaining their custom ERP solution.


Redesigned the storefront using the BigCommerce’s Stencil framework with improved SEO features and filtering abilities.

Homegrown facets app

To overcome the limitation of 12 facets, HikeOn implemented an elastic search based faceted filters solution and integrated it with stencil framework on their category page.

Amazon Vendor central integration

Integrated their bigcommerce store with their custom ERP and also with Amazon vendor central to receive purchase orders and send acknowledgments.

EDI Platform

Restaurantware being manufacturers does business with a lot of other distributors. We integrated their store with major distributors using a custom EDI platform built on AS2, AWS platform.

Quickbooks integration

Custom integration with additional business logic and validations with Quickbooks enables restaurantware to automate many accounting processes and reports.

Custom ERP Solutions

We developed a microservices based custom ERP solution to automate their purchasing, vendor communication, container management, warehouse, and inventory management. It also has other features for the customer sales representatives to efficiently do their day-to-day operations.

HikeOn has now seamlessly migrated Restaurantware from BigCommerce to Magento 2.0 in order to provide the customer more features such as flexibility to upsell.



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