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Project Description

Business Process and SAP Changes for a Automotive Manufacturing Company in China. Client of Zeta-V has been aware that their current IT system landscape and processes will not continue to satisfy future demands. The CEO had asked an internal team to review current manufacturing processes and propose changes to the processes, along with upgrades to IT system landscape to meet the demands for the future. When the team’s proposal was submitted to the CEO, it recommended an upgrade to existing SAP R/3 and a redesign of the processes.

What We Did

HikeOn Technologies outlined a project plan with tentative timelines and cost ranges until discovery was completed. The project plan included the discovery and identification of needs for increased business process and SAP S4HANA, as well as identification of affected ERP ( SAP) systems and/or processes if the migration were carried out.

HikeOn Technologies knew from experience that other areas besides the manufacturing line would be affected. Hence the project team developed a detailed plan for classifying the stakeholders and how they would proceed to gather the data essential to precisely document the processes.

The project team also developed a plan for potential risks and strategies for managing them should they come to fruition. HikeOn Technologies also put together a change management plan; because a major component of the project would be communicating changes company-wide and ensuring the appropriate people were on-board and prepared to work with the new processes. Additionally, the project team sent out a company-wide communication via internal portal; so that employees knew what was happening and why, and they asked for suggestions from employees.

Regular status meetings were scheduled with manufacturing, procurement, delivery, other departments and parent organisation in Germany to maintain lines of communication and general awareness of the project status.


A project management approach enabled the company to meet their Business Process and IT System landscape needs for the future, while at the same time not disrupting their current productive system landscape to fulfil demand. There was never an anomaly in the productive environment, while new processes were being tested and assessed. Continuous communication ensured that everyone was in the loop on changes to processes and actually had the benefit of increasing participation from employees on how to improve processes to meet needs. Adhering to a standard project management methodology empowered this company to implement a very high-risk project professionally, on budget and within rational time to meet long-term strategic goals.


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